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since 2016




2023/24, 20% increase on 2016-2023




Squash Stars uses a Game Sense approach to develop movement skills, tactical decision making and personal social skills. The key feature of this program, is it is designed to be run within School environments, and not requiring court hire and bus transfers to a local Squash Centre. Of course connections with local Squash Centres/Clubs is highly encouraged and links provided.

  • Inclusive of all cultures, abilities and genders
  • An accessible sport - any surface (oval, grass, hall, beach), anywhere, any time
  • Can be played by boys and girls
  • Non-contact sport
  • Minimal equipment
  • The playing space can be adjusted to accommodate any skill level
  • Online video resource library
  • Direct access to a supportive network of coaches, centres and clubs
  • Tailored program delivering on curriculum outcomes
  • Access to Squash Stars in Schools lesson plans and equipment

“All students were engaged and enjoyed the activities undertaken- all were hitting, trying new skills and all engaged”

“Worried how long the target games would take to set up, but managed these well, with students working to task to set up targets”

What Teachers have told us....

“Activities are very engaging and developmentally appropriate for the student ages”

“I was able to ensure the lesson intentions were introduced and achieved by all students”


For support or enquiries, contact participation@squashaus.com.au.


Check out our Squash Stars program details on the Sporting Schools website.

Read through program eligibility and information on the Sporting Schools website.

Apply for funding through your Sporting Schools portal. Be sure to select Squash as your sport of choice.

Get in touch with our friendly Squash Stars team at participation@squashaus.com.au to arrange your equipment pack, program resources and coach.





Our network of Endorsed Providers and Leaders including our State/Territory Associations, GeckoSports and Australian International Sports Organisation bring their wealth of experience in delivering exceptional sport programs to schools across Australia.

Why choose an Endorsed Provider?

Expertise That Shines: Our Endorsed Providers and Leaders have honed their skills through years of delivering sport programs to schools across Australia. Their expertise will bring a touch of excellence to every Squash Stars program.

Squash Stars Training: Every Endorsed Provider and Leader completes regular Squash Stars training facilitated by Squash Australia. This comprehensive training covers everything from understanding the Squash Schools program to effectively utilizing the Squash Stars Resource and Digital Resource Pack.

Game Sense Approach: Endorsed Providers and Leaders know how to engage students effectively through a Game Sense Approach. Ensuring that every session is not just about playing squash but also about developing crucial skills like teamwork, decision-making, and strategy.

Professionalism and Experience: Each Endorsed Provider and Leader brings professional communication with schools, ensuring smooth coordination and execution of squash programs within your educational setting.

Community Connection: The value of linking Squash Stars programs to local clubs and centers, is front of mind with Endorsed Providers and Leaders. Fostering a sense of community engagement and bringing opportunities for students to pursue their passion for squash beyond the school setting.

By choosing an Endorsed Provider, schools are not just investing in a sports program; schools are investing in an experience that meets the needs and expectations of schools, teachers, and most importantly, children.











Absolutely not! The beauty Squash Stars is its adaptability. It’s designed to be run in school settings without the need for a traditional squash court.

Imagine transforming your school hall or playground into a vibrant Squash Stars arena! With the availability of a Squash Stars Rebound Wall, you can easily increase wall space in your school hall. Open spaces can also be turned into a fun and engaging squash area.

So, no squash court? No problem! Squash Stars brings the excitement of squash directly to your school, creating an inclusive and dynamic environment for your students to learn and enjoy. It’s all about flexibility and fun!


Choosing a squash provider that is not endorsed by Squash Australia carries several risks, which can impact both the quality of the service and the overall experience. Non-endorsed programs may not be as well-structured, impacting your Sporting Schools program.

Lack of Quality Training: Instructors might not have the necessary training or experience, leading to ineffective or potentially harmful training. Proper techniques and safety protocols might not be adequately taught, increasing the risk of injury.

Poor Equipment Standards: Non-endorsed providers might use inappropriate, outdated or poorly maintained equipment, affecting performance and safety.

No Quality Assurance: There may be no guarantees of quality or consistency in the services provided, leading to potential dissatisfaction. Without endorsement, there is no industry body to address complaints or issues that arise, leaving you with limited recourse.

Limited Ongoing Opportunities: Endorsed Providers often have connections to larger networks and clubs. Without these, your students might miss out on opportunities to continue to play.

Financial Risks: Non-endorsed providers might not be transparent about their pricing, leading to unexpected costs. There may be a lack of clear policies on refunds and cancellations, making it difficult to acquit your Sporting School funding.

Reputation and Trust Issues: Non-endorsed provider claims about their expertise and success rates may not be verifiable, leading to potential misinformation. Without endorsement, it is harder to verify the credentials and reputation of the coaches and staff.

By choosing a Squash Stars Endorsed Provider, you are well placed to receive high-quality, reliable, and safe instruction that meets your standards, providing a better overall Sporting Schools experience and value for your investment.

Where there is no Endorsed Provider available for your school, the Squash Stars Resource Pack makes teacher delivery enjoyable and engaging.


Teacher Delivered Program

Use your Sporting Schools grant funding and Squash Australia will provide resources and training opportunities for a teacher to deliver a Squash Stars program within your school.

Teacher Delivered:



(inc. GST)

  • Equipment Pack (30 x modified racquets, 4 x dozen low compression balls, 1 x bag)
  • Resource Pack
  • Booking Fee
  • Squash Stars Course

Teacher Delivered:



(inc. GST)

  • Resource Pack
  • Booking Fee
  • Squash Stars Course


Leader Delivered Program

Apply for Sporting Schools grant funding and Squash Australia will connect you to an Endorsed Squash Stars Provider or Leader to deliver a Squash Stars program within your school.

Your Endorsed Squash Stars Provider or Leader will contact you to confirm your program requirements and discuss delivery costs.

Some Endorsed Squash Stars Providers and Leaders will bring their own Squash Stars equipment. It is also recommended that schools purchase their own equipment to facilitate year-round opportunities for children to enjoy squash.

Sporting Schools is an Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children's participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities.

Programs are provided free to children and their families to help students build the confidence and capability to be active for life.

Sporting Schools offers grant opportunities for primary schools, and targeted grant opportunities for secondary schools in relation to Years 7 and 8 students. Grants support the delivery of sport-based programs to help students build the confidence and capability to be active for life.

Sporting Schools has partnered with more than 35 national sporting organisations (NSOs) and national sporting organisations for people with disability (NSODs) to facilitate delivery of Sporting Schools programs.

The objectives of Sporting Schools are to:

  • engage primary school students in free, high-quality sport programs at school
  • engage secondary school students (Years 7-8) in free, high-quality sport programs at school, particularly inactive students, girls, and students attending schools in disadvantaged areas
  • establish partnerships between sporting organisations and schools to promote involvement in sport outside of school
  • develop the capability of schools and teachers to provide students with positive sport experiences
  • build the capability of coaches and the sport workforce
  • support life-long involvement in sport and physical activity to enhance health and wellbeing



Application open dates

Term 1, 2024
8am AEDT Monday 6 November 2023 - 5pm AEDT Friday 17 November 2024

Term 2, 2024
8am AEDT Monday 26 February 2024 - 5pm AEDT Friday 8 March 2024

Term 3, 2024
8am AEST Monday 20 May 2024 - 5pm AEST Friday 31 May 2024

Term 4, 2024
8am AEST Monday 12 August 2024 - 5pm AEST Friday 23 August 2024

*Dates are subject to chance at the discretion of the Australian Sports Commission Sporting Schools program


2024 applications need to be submitted via the new School portal.

Visit the Sporting Schools Digital Systems page for more information about the new portal


If you have any questions, contact:
Sporting Schools Client Support Centre
1300 785 707
Enquiries should be made no later than 3 days prior to grants closing

Squash Stars



since 2016








2023/24, 20% increase on 2016-2023







Sport Participation

82% of Australians believe sport is good for health and wellbeing.

88% of Australians believe sport is good for bringing their communities together.

Sport can provide outcomes including:

  • improved resilience
  • improved mental health across the life course
  • positive role models
  • social connectedness
  • higher likelihood of meeting physical activity guidelines and continuing physical activity long term.

Children who play sport:

  • have improved cognitive development
  • are better at learning and retaining information
  • and stay in school longer.

Playing sport during childhood is critical for developing a life-long habit of being physically active. Children who grow up playing sport are 10% more likely to remain active as adults.





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