Competition Module Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Requirements

To set up your Event to be restricted to Members Only, you will need to ensure that you have set up the Site Settings correctly.

At a minimum, you need to have the following option checked.

Event setup

International players can register using the Internation Guest membership option.  This is available as an eligible membership type via the Whole of sport registration option for the event.

A Division of a Competition usually equates to the Ticket Type of the linked event.

When setting up your Event, please use the standardised Division names as follows:

  • PSA Mens
  • PSA Womens
  • Mens Local Open
  • Womens Local Open
  • Mens Premier
  • Womens Premier
  • Mens A
  • Womens A


The full list of Squash Australia recommended Division names can be found here.

Competition Setup

You can select the seedings manually, then you can move individuals between different places in the draw.

A workflow <to be created> is available which shows this process.

WSF scoring is used by default. This is PARS11 for 3 or 5 games

Timed scoring options are currently under development.

Squash Australia has started to develop a plan for adding in Racquetball Scoring to the system.

Live Scoring

There is no dedicated mobile app for live scoring.

The live scoring module is mobile responsive so that all scoring can be done on mobile, ipad etc. once you have logged into the client portal for that event.

There are no minimum requirements for mobile devices but we always recommend using the most up to date browser and device software. 

Currently, there isn't a way for users to be able to score without being logged into the client portal as an admin or results entry admin

Event Entry

While this is possible, it is recommended that the correct divisions are set up to match with what will be available in the draws.

The process of moving an entrant from one division to another can be found at this page.


The process of moving an entrant from one division to another can be found at this page.

It is feasible to enter members manually into events but then you don't have the ability to force payment and the manual admin work is increased, for example.

You can, but this would likely need to be a separate event. You could also add a new ticket type for this and move those members around if spots become available. 

They log into their profile on the website of the competition organiser, then go to Account > events > my details > request withdrawal. 

Yes, you can manually adjust the price of tickets when required so these can be initially set to a cheaper rate and later increased to the regular amount.


For the state website: Clubs can request to display their events on your website. The state can decide to display them all or select specific events to show on your calendar.

For the club website: Only your clubs events will display, not events from other clubs.

Yes, we have built a TV mode that shows upcoming and current matches for this purpose. Chromecasting/Screensharing is dependent on a TVs capability to allow this

Yes, you will be creating your tournament name as i.e. "2023 Busselton" and then for each of your ticket types they will be called "Mens Open, Ladies" etc.

This was from Brian Roby.  It has been sent through to the Product team - great pickup

Just for a tournament. Once they select the ticket type (i.e. division name) it will then be linked to competition.

Doug Lean - No, you can see within the comps main page all the rounds in list view

Need to get some more information on this question.

It does, but in this case, you can create as many timeslots as required, rather than just the exact amount required to run the tournament. You can then use the fixture grid to adjust matches afterwards

From Nathan

Training on this will be conducted. The focus of this session was the tournaments option

Great question, this is likely dependent on the ability of the live streaming provider to pull information out of revSPORT via an API

You will have the ability to include a referee label within the competition feature (competition > settings). This will also show on your printable scorecard. We also have a rostering feature if you want to keep track of all your refs, and link them to a particular competition.

Yes it does, you have the ability to invite partners to a tournament.

Monrad has been developed and this is something that can certainly be looked at in the future as it isn't currently in our pipeline. 

This is currently in our development pipeline.

This is done using the Fixturing option underneath competitions on the left menu

From revSPORT: There are a variety of actions that can be taken. You could enter the member's next match as a forfeit if they are unable to play or move them around the draw into a new match that is later on to give them a chance to recover. The injury report itself can also be lodged in revSPORT's Injury reports feature. 

This is under development and will be introduced to the live scoring functionality shortly.

Yes, we have a tv mode, we are currently doing a couple modifications to the overall display hence why we didn't show it tonight, but the core functionality exists.

All results are entered via the same portal that is running the competition and any profile with either admin access to competitions or result entry access will be used to record results.

Yes, teams will be part of both tournaments and pennants.

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