Pop-Up Squash - The Ultimate Promotional Activity

The Pop-Up Squash Inflatable Court is the perfect promotional activity to get people engaged and participating in Squash. The concept behind Pop-Up Squash is to capture the attention of the traditionally difficult to reach target groups in a fun and exciting way. The inflatable court provides the opportunity to provide an easy, non-threatening pathway into regular activity and a new social network.

Benefits of Pop-Up Squash 

  • More people being exposed to our great sport of squash
  • Increased promotional media opportunities by supporting a unique activity
  • Increased opportunity to recruit new participants into programs and centres
  • Increase the profile of squash within the community
  • Increased physical activity levels of inactive or somewhat active Australians through an innovative approach to participation in sport and physical activity

Ideal Venues for Pop-Up Squash

  • Showgrounds (Shows/Fairs)
  • Schools (School programs, school carnivals/fetes)
  • Sporting Events (Stadiums)
  • At local squash tournaments


interactiveSquash - A Sports Revolution

Squash Australia is proud to partner with interactiveSQUASH to deliver the first Interactive Squash Court in Australia, located at the National Squash Centre, Gold Coast.

What Makes interactiveSquash Different?
interactiveSquash features both training and game modules making it the perfect addition to your squash centre. The modules are designed to increase enjoyability, fun, accuracy and fitness through a new and innovative way of playing squash. Combining 13 training modules and 19 games, the interactive court is sure to suit every players needs.

interactiveSquash and the Player
Solo Practice
The interactive court allows the solo player to maintain engagement and enthusiasm whilst playing alone. The interactive court allows players to refine their skills through the accuracy and fitness modules. The Interactive court will become your new favourite training partner as you can track your progress and analyse your playing style.

interactiveSquash provides instant visual feedback allowing coaches to objectively assess performance. It shows where players have to hit versus where they actually hit and gives a much clearer impression of where their level lies. This is great for helping players progress faster. The Interactive Court will help bring your coaching to the next level as you can keep players engaged for longer and provide more accurate, in time feedback to the player.

Kids and Beginners
Parents are always looking for new ways to entertain their kids, children will love the game components of the interactiveSquash court and it is the perfect tool for engaging schools! Beginners or anyone new to the sport. Grown in the digital age this tech-savvy generation is always looking for new innovative concepts and experiences. If it’s new – they are going to test it. If it’s cool – they are going to share with their network, which means new guests for you.

For support or enquires, contact facilities@squash.org.au.

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