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revolutioniseSPORT User Guide - May


MySquashAUS powered by revolutioniseSPORT Training

To assist clubs and centres to set up and use the new platform, free training will be provided by revolutioniseSPORT.

Intro to revolutioniseSPORT: 2hrs

The first training includes a broad introduction to the platform’s capabilities • Primarily used to help generate excitement & support the change management piece • Focuses on the core functionalities of the platform - more a ‘what is possible’ rather than ‘how is it achieved’

Click here to view a recording of the "Intro to revolutioniseSPORT" session


Getting started: 1hr

Focuses on setting up an account to take registrations • Address what needs instant attention once administrators receive access to their portal • More targeted and specific than the Intro to revolutioniseSPORT session- very much a ‘how to do’ summary of aspect critical to opening registrations

Click here to view a recording of the "Getting started" session


Super-user: 1hr 30mins

A deeper dive into utilising five or six of the platform’s additional features • Includes Governance tools, Events, & Classes • Also covers more complex Member reporting and management.

Click here to view a recording of the "Super-user" session

revolutioniseSPORT is an emerging market leader in online club management in Australia. The platform supports grassroots clubs to peak sporting bodies, and currently supports a combined 241 National and State Sporting Organisations across Australia.

The revolutioniseSPORT platform is flexible and scalable and will be able to grow with squash as the sport continues to evolve into the future.

Extensive features within revolutioniseSPORT will empower affiliated organisations with a dedicated club management platform that centralises several core operational requirements, including:

  • Member registration and data analysis
  • Financial tools including online payments capable of ‘splitting’ funds to relevant organisations as well as automated reconciliation and invoicing
  • An inbuilt marketing and communications platform proven to deliver industry-recognised campaigns
  • Advanced events and ticketing management
  • Complimentary and customisable out-of-the-box websites for all organisations
  • Corporate governance tools including meeting minutes, task allocation, incident tracking and injury reporting


revolutioniseSPORT User Guide - May

revolutioniseSPORT Security Facts

revolutioniseSPORT Privacy Policy

SquashLevels is now available in Australia!

The landmark new partnership between Squash Australia and SquashLevels will see the most advanced rating system revolutionise the game down under!

SquashLevels is your one-stop shop when it comes to keeping track of your match results. Many players will play in different leagues and tournaments using a variety of systems and SquashLevels works with various tournament software, including revolutioniseSPORT. SquashLevels is able to bring that data into one place, providing a complete overview of your performances. 

SquashLevels allows you to find a range of different ranking lists for players in the system. These include World rankings, National rankings, State rankings and club rankings. Find out where you stand in Australia's rankings here.


Understanding the change from SportyHQ to revolutioniseSPORT and SquashLevels

How does SquashLevels compare to SportyHQ?


Join the SquashLevels community in your State or Territory.



Competitions is the new name for your Weekly Teams or Individual competitions, as opposed to one-off Tournaments.  This training session was held on Thursday 11 January 2024 to assist Clubs and States to set up and run Competitions with the new module run in revSPORT.


This training session was held on Tuesday 12 January 2024 to share the updated features of the Competitions module.



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