MySquashAUS Club Setup


Admin Access

To request admin access for your portal, please visit and fill out your details.

Configure your Club portal

See below for the revSPORT Onboarding Session guides to assist in setting up your Club Portal.  Alternately, you can use the walkthrough at and this video will help you set up your Club portal to allow your members to register through the system.

Documentation that you will need to complete the online payments setup can be found here which includes:

  • Personal Information for the representative (Full legal name, Date of Birth, email address)
  • Club Information (Full legal name, physical address, email address & phone number)
  • ABN - if your club currently doesn't have one, they can be applied for at this address and will not cost anything.
  • Bank account details
  • Bank Statement or proof that it is a legitimate bank account
  • Meeting minutes or club letterhead including your committee members and their roles
  • Constitution (if incorporated)

The application for the online payments system is fairly simple, you only need to supply an ABN, bank details relevant to the club, and identification details to give evidence to the financial institution that the club is an ongoing legal entity which has some form of structure and performs a service to its members plus the contact details of a club representative (typically who has signing rights for the bank account).  This is typically in the form of the constitution of the club and meeting minutes which outline the office bearers and their positions, however if you do not have those details for various reasons we can usually supply alternate information to confirm the status of the club.

You can also use this workflow to assist you in the setup process.

If you have any more questions, please have a look at our FAQ, or contact