Squash Australia’s National Junior Talent Squads are aimed at supporting a group of players with the potential to represent Australia in the Team Event at the World Junior Championships. Each Talent Squad will attend camps, have access to coaching support and other central AIS & Squash Australia resources to work towards achieving success as part of an Australian Team at the World Junior Championships.


National Junior Talent Squad Activities

The players selected in the National Junior Talent Squad will be invited to attend training camps with National Coaches throughout the year. These will occur where possible alongside national events, such as the AJC and AJO.

Jenny Duncalf (National Pathways Coach), will lead the Talent Squad. Outside of in-person support during camps, the National Pathways Coach will provide the relevant coaching support, mentoring and guidance for each Talent Squad athlete and their coach, parents and support team. The extent of this support will vary for each athlete based on individual circumstances.

National Junior Talent Squads

2023 2024 2025
Erin Classen (WA) Darcy Hayes (VIC) Amelie Guziak (VIC)
Shona Coxsedge (QLD) Aryan Madan (SA) Isla Harris (WA)
Maggie Goodman (NSW) Daniel Marsh (WA) Joanne Joseph (VIC)
Amelie Guziak (VIC) Haider Naqvi (VIC) Emmy Lamb (NSW)
Isla Harris (WA) Thomas Scott (NSW) Sarbani Maitra (QLD)
Madison Lyon (QLD) James Slade (NSW) Hannah Slyth (WA)
Sarbani Maitra (QLD) William Slade (NSW)  
Courtney Scholtz (VIC) Joshua Raj (QLD)  
Hannah Slyth (WA) Jackson Wylie (NSW)  

The criteria for National Junior Talent Squad selection is available on the Squash Australia Policies page.